Stealth Mode

Scouts will be a roll playing game using NFTs on blockchains that scale + have network effect.

We will be launching Scouts on WAX first and then expand to others blockchains as the market demands.

Prometheum tokens (PMX) will be distributed to early adopters who buy Player Packs.

Scouts of Prometheum is a challenging survival simulation. Our first map for game play will be northern Saskatchewan. Lots of rabbits, deer, moose, bears and other animals to eat.

Players choose to play as a human or a coyote. Humans must scavenge for tools and resources in this post apocalyptic world and build up enough food, shelter and defense to survive the northern winter. 

We’re working with a talented pencil artist to create for us version 1.0 of our NFT stacks.

We’re confident that we’re building a game that freedom seeking people will love.

If you’ve been frustrated with the last two years of the contemporary tyranny, you’ll love the escapism and the like minded friends you’ll meet playing Scouts.

If you’re interested in keeping up with our progress + when our first Player’s Packs go on sale, please follow us on twitter or join our telegram group and say Hello!

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